How to Protect When You Expect (a Baby) During Covid
(Free Webinar!)

September 4, 2020

Hey Mama-

If you prefer celebrating the wondrous new life growing in you rather than worrying about COVID-19, you’ve come to the right place.

Expecting during COVID is different and scary. Pregnant families across the US are wondering if they should change their birth plans. And who can blame them? Every day there are new reports on coronavirus and how it might affect pregnancy and delivery.

But don’t change your birth plans out of fear just yet!

Mama Natal will walk beside you through all of this and offers you answers in a short, free webinar.

One of their most qualified lactation experts, Dr. Colette Wiseman also happens to be a UCLA-trained ER & Internal Medicine physician and expecting mom herself. She’s ready to address your questions from all of the very many angles pregnant women have about giving birth right now.

*Update: We’re happy to report Dr. Wiseman delivered a happy, healthy baby girl. This webinar was recorded 1 week before she gave birth.

Here’s are a few topics Dr. Wiseman will address in this webinar:

• What are the COVID risks to your baby during pregnancy?
• What can you expect once arriving at the hospital?
• How can you minimize the risk of COVID during delivery?
• Who can join me during and visit me after birth?
• And more.

You can register for their daily webinar with Dr. Wiseman here: 


If you are closer to birth and wondering how you can protect your baby after birth, stay tuned. They will soon publish a video with Dr. Wiseman addressing your concerns.

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Remember, you are not alone in this!  

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