Patent Pending Support Technology

The GLOWE Explained

The only legging so supportive, comfortable & versatile to take you through all 9 months of pregnancy and beyond, with no sagging in sight!

The patent pending internal bonded system cradles your bump to alleviate lower-back pain and pelvic pressure, providing the support of a maternity belt with none of the bulk.

Every mom deserves this level of self-care based on real innovation to revolutionize your pregnancy experience.


Sold Out 3 times this past year!

Support Leggings

Their words, not ours...

GLOWE // (glō-wē)

GLOWE makes a woman’s journey into motherhood a little more effortless and supported through innovation and thoughtful design for every woman’s changing body, BEFORE, DURING & AFTER PREGNANCY.

GLOWE helps her feel confident and comfortable, giving her the energy to be herself at work, on a Friday night and with her partner on her travels.


Motherhood doesn't stop & neither will we!

As a small & self-funded start up, we are continuing to work hard and make deliveries as safe as possible for you during this time!