Healthcare Hero Moms


We set ourselves the task of finding a way to thank New and Expecting Moms on the Frontline in time for Mother’s Day.

We have gifted over 80 PAIRS OF LEGGINGS to pregnant and postpartum women who work in the healthcare industry!

“Whether you think you are a hero, or just doing your job, I think you are an outstanding person to keep going during this time. Especially pregnant or with a baby at home. As a mom of two small children I am in awe of your bravery and this giveaway is the perfect opportunity to give back to our heroes during these unprecedented times."
- Lucy, Founder of GLOWE


RN in an emergency department and a mama of 2 young kids

I work Full time as an RN in a NYC hospital Labor and Delivery unit and LOVE it!

Being a new mom.

Occupational therapist- rehabilitating individuals recovering from a variety of injuries and illnesses (included COVID-19). I help patients regain their independence in daily activities such as bathing, dressing, toileting, cooking, etc!

I'm a nurse on a pediatric oncology floor, and my kiddos at work keep me on my toes! Some days are hard, such as the days we diagnose a new patient, but some days I spend my time keeping my kids entertained by playing dress up or board games. Anything to make my patients and their families feel more at home.

I set up, initiate, and maintain treatment for dialysis patients (treatment for Kidney Disease).

Admitting patients to the ICU after open heart surgery

I work as a nurse in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit at a community hospital outside Boston, MA. I take care of patients immediately after surgery until they are ready to go home or to their hospital room.

SICU full of heart, brain, and vascular surgery. I also work in outpatient (pre-surgery).

I am Nurse Practitioner in a busy emergency department in the city of Philadelphia

I am an assistant nurse manager on a trauma and general surgery floor.

All night actually... I’m a postpartum nurse. At this point my hospitalIs promoting the testing of all patients in labor - either scheduled 72 hours prior to an induction or scheduled c-section or upon admission in labor and delivery. At this point we have been testing for several days and had our first positive case over this weekend when I worked. I feel for all the new mommas as it’s such an emotionally driven time on a regular basis (without a pandemic). It’s hard to promote social distancing when trying to assist a new mom with breast feeding but I’ve been trying my best to master both skills.

As an ER nurse, I’m constantly putting out fires from every direction and maintain compassion for people on what is often their worst day.

Lead of our ultrasound department. Currently acting as a liaison to ordering providers and radiologists prioritizing exams and scheduling urgent vs. non-urgent exams. Creating our staff schedule to accommodate our patients in need.

I work as a hospice and triage nurse :) I see patients in there homes and work behind the scenes and help people over the phone. I am also a mom of two girls 3 and almost 1.

Taking care of patients before and after transplant

I am a registered nurse who works in the float pool. So I get to go between two hospital units and I help cate for patients in the ER, the ICUs, and all adult health units.

GLOWE HAS gifted 80 Support Leggings to Pregnant/Postpartum US Healthcare workers.

We wish we could have given out more!
As a small & self-funded start-up, we are continuing to work hard and make deliveries as safe as possible for you during this time.

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