#GloweGives 2020

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• GLOWE is gifting an awesome care package worth over +$500 to a deserving mama or mama-to-be this holiday

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• We also ask you to thank a mom or mom-to be in your life this holiday season when you see them as they are all heroes deserving of love! 

"She struggled through her first pregnancy that was a surprise one. For the last seven years she has predominantly taken care of our daughter, finished a BA, graduated with honors and awards, and continued to support our daughter while I’ve been away on military training. After the lockdown was initiated (she only wanted to have one child), our daughter was so lonely and said and begged for a sibling. Despite being in graduate school, teaching her own college course, and struggling with her mental health, she put our child first and agreed to try for another one so our daughter would always have someone to play with. She is the strongest person I know. Even though we have already had one scare with the pregnancy she has remained strong and steadfast as a partner, mother, and scholar."

“My sister is truly all-deserving of this wonderful gift. Since giving birth to her beautiful daughter (11/14), she has continued to amaze me with her strength, love & knowledge. The grace she allows for in motherhood is something we all need to do & should be talked about more! In true older sister fashion, she has helped my transition into motherhood (as our babies are 3 weeks apart) & yet she still has time to help & advise me from on what she's learned thus far while still giving all the love & care to her new daughter. Her husband Blake is a teacher & he has to still attend in-person school during the time. I know as new mom there are so many challenges and brings new fears. Having a partner who has to attend school right now must be an extra scary thing and I believe this package would in some way alleviate the hardship. I wish I could put the perfect words down on this submission to express how much she deserves this care package... If she does win, you'll be making two brand new moms very happy.”

“She is my wife and mother to our two daughters, a 4 year old and 19 month old, as well as currently pregnant with twins. As a full time firefighter and paramedic my schedule is often hectic and requires a lot of time away from home. Michelle is the primary caregiver of our children and is a wonderful caring and strong mother. On top of this busy schedule she works as a registered nurse in hospice, primary care, and in hospitals. She is highly motivated, very intelligent, and an amazing caregiver not only to our children but those she cares for as a part of her job. Our children and I are very lucky to have Michelle and often do not let her know or thank her enough for all of her hard work. Please consider my amazing wife for this care package, it would certainly let her know how appreciated it really is.”

"My wife is a first time pregnant mommy who has sacrificed everything to give us our daughter. As an LGBTQ couple, we didn't have many options to start our family. We used a donor and that was scary for her because of her past with sexual trauma. She also came off her mental health medication so that our daughter could grow big and strong. This all happened the week before COVID hit and a week after we bought our first home. Needless to say, life came crashing down and she was affected immensely but pushed through for our family. She lost her job at the yoga studio, has been extremely sick throughout the entirety of her pregnancy, and has been suffering with prenatal depression. BUT every single day she goes to yoga, keeps up with our chores and pets, started going to therapy, and has persevered in ways I never thought possible. This has been the hardest time in her life, and her depression feels the way it did when she struggled with suicide, but she is being so strong for our little one. Sabrina deserves this because she has put her body and mental health on the line so that we could bring a child into this world after failed adoption attempts and she deserves the world for giving me mine. She is already the best mommy and her selflessness is something to be admired. She inspires me daily and her openness inspires others as well. I just want to show her the love and appreciation that she shows everyone else."

"She is doing amazing job be strong as hell; she is 36 weeks pregnant with son under the age of 2 starting his 7th round chemotherapy for neuroblastoma. all us moms are superheroes, but she has definitely had to step up exponentially."



Our winner from last year:

“I’m not big speaker but for her I'll do anything. My wife is a mother of two beautiful girls, age 4 and 2, and she is also expecting her 3rd baby. She teaches 2nd grade, after work she rushes home to pick up her daughters, then she drives another 20min to picks up two other kids that she tutors for 2hrs and after all of that she is very exhausted. I try my best to help her, but I get off work so late, so unfortunately, she has to do most of the work herself. My wife is a very caring and loving person, she goes above and beyond for people. She deserves so much; I think she deserves to get pampered.”