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“She has two boys age 5 and 2 and just had a baby girl! She left her job as one of the finest children’s dance educators to give her family a more stable life. It was not an easy transition, moving to another city, restarting her career, and looking after her family, but she’s done it. She managed to rebuild her dance community, run her blog helping dance instructors to educate young dancers, raise her kids, and still sends the random 5$ Venmo to her best friend in Pittsburgh, just so we can pretend to have coffee together. She’s always there for me when I need her. She’s so deserving of everything and asks for nothing... well, maybe just a full night of sleep - but with a 7 week old, 10-4 is good enough!”

“I nominate my friend because she is out there advocating for women every day. She worked her butt off throughout her pregnancy to open a multimedia exhibit that gives women in Wyoming strong examples to look up to and shows the many pathways to success in the rural West today. Her work aims to inspire today and tomorrow's trailblazing, ambitious, community-minded women and girls to step forward and fulfill their highest ambitions in life.”

“She is a young single mother of 1 small boy. She just turned 23 years old last month. She has literally been working hard since she first found out she was pregnant. She puts her all into everything she does. I watched as she obtained her EMT certificate while pregnant, then to CNA, next straight to LPN and now she is fighting her way through Registered Nursing school. All while being a first-time mom, working full time. I have never seen her give up and I know she suffers in silence through all the restless nights just to be an example for her son and give him the life he deserves. She is amazing definitely deserving of this.”

“She lost her wife a couple years ago and has been trying to conceive for years. She's experienced several miscarriages and health issues over the years. She's been through more than most people in such a short time but she's now pregnant with her rainbow baby. She deserves this care package because I know there's not a single day, she hasn't stressed about the health of her growing baby yet she continues to have such a positive attitude and outlook on life. She is the sweetest most caring person ever.”

“I’m not big speaker but for her I'll do anything. My wife is a mother of two beautiful girls, age 4 and 2, and she is also expecting her 3rd baby. She teaches 2nd grade, after work she rushes home to pick up her daughters, then she drives another 20min to picks up two other kids that she tutors for 2hrs and after all of that she is very exhausted. I try my best to help her, but I get off work so late, so unfortunately, she has to do most of the work herself. My wife is a very caring and loving person, she goes above and beyond for people. She deserves so much; I think she deserves to get pampered.”


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